Password Access Deprecation

Beginning on the 13th of August 2021 password access to will be deprecated.

This means that git operations from the command-line, and elsewhere, will no longer work.

So operations such as:

git push origin master

Will fail.

There are a number of ways in which github will accept authentication, but I have chosen to use an SSH key. I can then push from the command line easily.

This post will explain how to use an SSH key to provide authentication.

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Web Site Relaunched

On the 25th of January 2021 this Web site was relaunched.

I am now using a different host. See the link at the bottom of every page and post for details of this host.

Some of the pages and articles which were on the previous version of the site have been removed. Some of these removals will be temporary, but some are permanent.

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Raspberry Pi 400 - unboxing and First Impressions

My first Raspberry Pi model 400 just arrived. These are my immediate first impressions.

Quite impressed by the rigidity of the whole assembly. Holding on to each end, I cannot detect any movement when I gently try to twist it. I have no doubt a very strong person could though. But that would be true of almost any standard PC keyboard. I would avoid sitting on it if I was to, for example, lay it on my bed for some reason.

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Vertical Webcam with a Raspberry Pi, an HQ Camera and a Surplus Photographic Enlarger

I regularly meet with other members of the Surrey Linux User Group on Jitsi. We have been doing this rather than meeting in person every month, during the pandemic of 2020 (and beyond?).

In addition to this, of course, I often fiddle about with electronic gadgetry, and cannot always identify pins and other stuff without sighted assistance.

So, I decided I needed a way to connect up a Webcam which would look downwards onto the desk, and in which other Jitsi users in the meetings would be able to see what was under the camera.

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Stuttering text-to-speech and how I Solved it

NOTE Added 23 March 2019

This is pretty late, but at some time during 2018 some kind of fix was made to the ALSA driver, and speech using the default espeakup in conjunction with speakup no longer stutters.

This renders my solution, detailed in this article, no longer necessary.

I leave this article here and the code downloads where they are, for reference, and in case problems re-appear.

End of note.

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