Build and Install sigrok from git

This post carries a link to a script which will install all of the dependencies for, and then install:

  • sigrok-cli
  • pulseview

On a Raspberry Pi running an upstream Debian distribution, including Raspbian (now called Raspberry Pi OS).

You need to pay close attention in the script to those packages which include version numbers in the package name. This script will inevitably become out of date when the version numbers increment.

sigrok is a software system which supports the capture of data from a variety of test equipment, including multimeters and logic analysers.

The script installs all the dependencies, builds some libraries and then installs two programs:

  • sigrok-cli
  • pulseview

The first of these, sigrok-cli, is a command-line program.

The second is pulseview, which is a Qt based GUI application which will draw on the screen a trace from the test equipment connected.

Pulseview is of limited use if you are visually impaired, but it can still be used to create sigrok sessions, which can be run again in sigrok-cli.

pulseview is accessible, with some careful use of Orca, but the traces it draws are, of course, not accessible.

Because sigrok-cli is a command-line program, it can be scripted to, perhaps, do such things as take measurements at regular intervals with no human intervention.

Here is the link to the script.

The script includes a download link at the top of the page.