Web Site Relaunched

On the 25th of January 2021 this Web site was relaunched.

I am now using a different host. See the link at the bottom of every page and post for details of this host.

Some of the pages and articles which were on the previous version of the site have been removed. Some of these removals will be temporary, but some are permanent.

I want to focus exclusively on the Raspberry Pi. Previously the site included posts and pages about the Beaglebone Black, the Banana Pi, and a description of the Orange Pi.

These other single-board computers have, in my opinion, been somewhat left behind by the repeated release of more and more versions of the Raspberry Pi, having a faster clock speed and more and more RAM.

Just before the writing of this blog post and the upload of the new site, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the Raspberry Pi Pico. A microcontroller based on silicon developed by them. If there is sufficient interest this site might cover this MCU also.

Check back often to see more blog posts and more articles as they are written and published.