Raspberry Pi 400 - unboxing and First Impressions

My first Raspberry Pi model 400 just arrived. These are my immediate first impressions.

Quite impressed by the rigidity of the whole assembly. Holding on to each end, I cannot detect any movement when I gently try to twist it. I have no doubt a very strong person could though. But that would be true of almost any standard PC keyboard. I would avoid sitting on it if I was to, for example, lay it on my bed for some reason.

I was a bit nervous about the quality and feel of the membrane keyboard, but it feels nice. Every bit as nice as the Caseflex Bluetooth keyboard I have.

I saw one review that says there is no cover over the GPIO bus, but mine has a rubber cover which is a push fit. When it is removed it is a separate piece. So I will stick some sellotape (Scotch tape) over it to prevent me losing it. Don't see myself using the GPIO on this Pi.

The arrangement of the keys will take some getting used to if I want to do a lot with it, other than over SSH. The description Tim Chase gave me and which I am going to put on this site will help me there. I hope it will help others too.

I have not stoked it up yet. That comes later.

For an additional £5, I got a nice sleeve for it, which feels as if it would give pretty good protection when the Pi is slung into a ruck sack and carted about, for example.

Thanks to The Pi Hut for a fast delivery and a very competitive price.

I went for just the Pi, no additional 'starter kit' bits.