emacspeak Default Key Bindings

Here are the most common Emacspeak key-binding commands you will need. All are prefixed with Control-E as you can find in the left column.

Pay close attention to the centre column, and whether single letter commands are upper or lower case.

For example, the ‘emacspeak-speak-version’ command is control+e followed by uppercase V.

Prefix Key Sequence Function
C-e C-@ emacspeak-speak-current-mark
C-e C-a emacspeak-toggle-auditory-icons
C-e C-b emacspeak-bookshare
C-e C-c emacspeak-clipboard-copy
C-e C-d emacspeak-toggle-show-point
C-e TAB emacspeak-table-display-table-in-region
C-e C-j emacspeak-hide-speak-block-sans-prefix
C-e C-l emacspeak-speak-line-number
C-e RET emacspeak-speak-continuously
C-e C-n emacspeak-speak-next-window
C-e C-o emacspeak-ocr
C-e C-p emacspeak-speak-previous-window
C-e C-q emacspeak-toggle-comint-autospeak
C-e C-r emacspeak-root
C-e C-s tts-restart
C-e C-t emacspeak-table-find-file
C-e C-u emacspeak-feeds-browse
C-e C-v view-mode
C-e C-w emacspeak-speak-window-information
C-e C-y emacspeak-clipboard-paste
C-e ESC Prefix Command
C-e SPACEBAR emacspeak-speak-header-line
C-e Bang emacspeak-speak-run-shell-command
C-e emacspeak-speak-sexp-interactively
C-e # emacspeak-gridtext
C-e % emacspeak-speak-current-percentage
C-e emacspeak-pianobar
C-e ( emacspeak-audio-setup
C-e ) emacspeak-sounds-select-theme
C-e , emacspeak-speak-browse-buffer
C-e . emacspeak-speak-current-field
C-e / emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-other-window-display
C-e 0 .. 9 emacspeak-speak-predefined-window
C-e : emacspeak-Meta-player-shuffle
C-e ; emacspeak-multimedia
C-e < emacspeak-speak-previous-field
C-e = emacspeak-speak-current-column
C-e > emacspeak-speak-next-field
C-e ? emacspeak-websearch-dispatch
C-e @ emacspeak-speak-at-time
C-e A emacspeak-appt-repeat-announcement
C-e B emacspeak-speak-buffer-interactively
C-e C emacspeak-customize
C-e F emacspeak-view-emacspeak-faq
C-e H emacspeak-speak-browse-linux-howto
C-e I emacspeak-speak-show-active-network-interfaces
C-e L emacspeak-speak-line-interactively
C-e M emacspeak-speak-minor-mode-line
C-e N emacspeak-view-emacspeak-news
C-e P emacspeak-speak-paragraph-interactively
C-e R emacspeak-speak-rectangle
C-e T emacspeak-view-emacspeak-tips
C-e U emacspeak-websearch-usenet
C-e V emacspeak-speak-version
C-e W emacspeak-tapestry-select-window-by-name
C-e [ emacspeak-speak-page
C-e \ emacspeak-toggle-speak-line-invert-filter
C-e ] emacspeak-speak-page-interactively
C-e ^ emacspeak-filtertext
C-e a emacspeak-speak-again
C-e b emacspeak-speak-buffer
C-e c emacspeak-speak-char
C-e d emacspeak-dtk-submap-command
C-e e end-of-line
C-e f emacspeak-speak-buffer-filename
C-e g emacspeak-epub
C-e h emacspeak-speak-help
C-e i emacspeak-tabulate-region
C-e j emacspeak-hide-or-expose-block
C-e k emacspeak-speak-current-kill
C-e l emacspeak-speak-line
C-e m emacspeak-speak-mode-line
C-e n emacspeak-speak-rest-of-buffer
C-e o emacspeak-toggle-comint-output-monitor
C-e p emacspeak-speak-paragraph
C-e q emacspeak-toggle-speak-s
C-e r emacspeak-speak-region
C-e s dtk-stop
C-e t emacspeak-speak-time
C-e u emacspeak-url-template-fetch
C-e v view-register
C-e w emacspeak-speak-word
C-e x emacspeak-personal-keymap
C-e { emacspeak-speak-paragraph
C-e VERTBAR emacspeak-speak-line-set-column-filter
C-e DEL cd-tool
C-e C-LEFTARROW emacspeak-select-this-buffer-previous-display
C-e C-RIGHTARROW emacspeak-select-this-buffer-next-display
C-e delete emacspeak-ssh-tts-restart
C-e emacspeak-ssh-tts-restart
C-e DOWNARROW emacspeak-read-next-line
C-e F1 emacspeak-learn-emacs-mode
C-e F11 emacspeak-wizards-shell-toggle
C-e INSERT emacspeak-emergency-tts-restart
C-e LEFTARROW emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-previous-display
C-e RIGHTARROW emacspeak-speak-this-buffer-next-display
C-e UPARROW emacspeak-read-previous-line
C-e C-Meta-@ emacspeak-speak-spaces-at-point
C-e C-Meta-b emacspeak-submit-bug
C-e C-Meta-k kill-emacs
C-e C-Meta-r emacspeak-eterMeta-remote-term
C-e Meta-% emacspeak-goto-percent
C-e Meta-; emacspeak-webutils-play-media-at-point
C-e Meta-a emacspeak-set-auditory-icon-player
C-e Meta-b emacspeak-speak-other-buffer
C-e Meta-c emacspeak-copy-current-file
C-e Meta-d emacspeak-pronounce-dispatch
C-e Meta-f emacspeak-frame-label-or-switch-to-labelled-frame
C-e Meta-h emacspeak-speak-hostname
C-e Meta-l emacspeak-link-current-file
C-e Meta-m emacspeak-toggle-mail-alert
C-e Meta-q voice-setup-toggle-silence-personality
C-e Meta-r emacspeak-remote-connect-to-server
C-e Meta-s emacspeak-symlink-current-file
C-e Meta-t emacspeak-tapestry-describe-tapestry
C-e Meta-u emacspeak-feeds-add-feed
C-e Meta-v emacspeak-show-personality-at-point
C-e Meta-w emacspeak-toggle-which-function
C-e d C-d dectalk
C-e d RETURN dtk-set-chunk-separator-syntax
C-e d C-o outloud
C-e d C-v outloud-32
C-e d ESCAPE Prefix Command
C-e d SPACEBAR dtk-toggle-splitting-on-white-space
C-e d , dtk-toggle-punctuation-mode
C-e d 0 to d 9 dtk-set-predefined-speech-rate
C-e d A dtk-asynC-server
C-e d C dtk-toggle-allcaps-beep
C-e d L dtk-local-server
C-e d N dtk-set-next-language
C-e d P dtk-set-previous-language
C-e d R dtk-reset-state
C-e d S dtk-set-language
C-e d V tts-speak-version
C-e d a dtk-add-cleanup-pattern
C-e d b dtk-toggle-debug
C-e d c dtk-toggle-capitalization
C-e d d dtk-select-server
C-e d f dtk-set-character-scale
C-e d i emacspeak-toggle-audio-indentation
C-e d k emacspeak-toggle-character-echo
C-e d l emacspeak-toggle-line-echo
C-e d m emacspeak-speak-set-mode-punctuations
C-e d n dtk-toggle-speak-nonprinting-chars
C-e d o dtk-toggle-strip-octals
C-e d p dtk-set-punctuations
C-e d q dtk-toggle-quiet
C-e d r dtk-set-rate
C-e d s dtk-toggle-split-caps
C-e d t emacspeak-dial-dtk
C-e d v voice-lock-mode
C-e d w emacspeak-toggle-word-echo
C-e d z emacspeak-zap-tts
C-e d C-Meta-b tts-show-debug-buffer