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Raspberry Vi Web Site Re-launch

Today I hope to be able to launch the new version of the Raspberry VI Web site.

The previous version was authored with the Drupal content management system. I think it was overkill for the volume of pages and blog entries we are/were generating, and my hatred of online-authoring tools made me lazy and caused the site to get very stale.

The site is now generated on any one of several Linux machines on my desk using Nikola.
It can be published and tested on local web servers before it is uploaded to the host.

I have removed some old and stale pages, corrected some errors and the site is much simpler and cleaner.

Unfortunately gone are the abilities to change the background colour and font, but the theme I am using with Nikola should make it very readable, especially with a screen-reader.

Over the coming days and weeks I will add other pages and blog posts.

The Downloads directory still contains images for download but the one there currently is way out of date and I will refresh it this week.